Why Get A Home Buyer’s Survey On A New Build Property?

One of the biggest mistakes I see is people buying a new build property with only the building societies “valuation ” survey in place. TheĀ argumentĀ runs “well it’s a brand new property what can possibly be wrong”.

The unfortunate answer is “A lot!”

There have always been excellent builders who do a great job, and others who would be happier on a horse wearing a stetson! But do you know which is which?

Also in these difficult times all builders are looking to save cost and sometimes this can lead to jobs being rushed or not done correctly.

The type of issues which I have found include;

  • The property being built to the wrong size.
  • The boundaries of the property being incorrect.
  • Technical problems with the construction.

The advantages of getting a home buyers survey done on a new property are;

  1. Peace of mind. You have a full report detailing the condition and construction of your property written by an independent, qualified, expert.
  2. Cost saving. Problems are found and corrected at the builder’s expense before you buy the property.
  3. Protection. You are covered by my professional indemnity insurance. So if any problems are not detected at the time of the survey which lead to repairs being required then you can sue me for the costs.
So if you are buying a new home please contact me to discuss your requirements and don’t fall foul of the men in stetsons.
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