Schedule of Dilapidations

A schedule of dilapidations identifies items which need to be made good by a tenant at the conclusion of leasing a property. The purpose is to protect the value to the landlord’s property.

If the tenant has not met his obligation for property maintenance and repair in the lease, the schedule of dilapidations can form the basis of a financial claim by the landlord.

To minimise such disputes PD Building Consultancy would recommend that a schedule of condition is prepared before a lease is signed which identifies the condition of the property at that point and so informs in a objective way what the tenant’s responsibilities are for repair and maintenance.

PD Building Consultancy offers the following Schedule of Dilapidations services;

  • Any size or location of property is covered.
  • We can act either for the Landlord or Tenant.
  • The final report (see this example schedule of dilapidations report) helps to resolve disputes.
  • A list of remedial works can be prepared in sufficient detail for accurate quotes to be obtained from builders.
  • We can arrange to select a builder to carry out the works.
  • We can provide building project management in order to ensure the works are carried out on time and to budget.

If you think you need a schedule of dilapidation report please contact us today as we are happy to offer free advice over the phone.  Please fill in the PD Building Consultancy contact form or call 01487 773771