Commercial Surveying Services

Broadly our commercial building services fall into two categories; Building Surveys and Project Management

Our commercial building surveys range from brief inspections to full surveys. After all of them you will receive a full written report. Building surveys include:

  • Building Surveys – a non-intrusive full survey report on condition of a property, including room by room analysis and any defects, alterations are noted. It also includes at the request of the client, any additions or alterations that they would wish to make are structurally viable.
  • Schedules of Condition – reports on condition of the property before and after a project is carried out, such as Party Wall, car park resurfacing.
  • Schedules of Dilapidation – this report is usually undertaken at the end of a lease term to note any alterations and damage that has occurred during the lease term. It significantly highlights items that need to be corrected before the landlord can re-lease the property. These are typically carried out on behalf of landlords, but also ingoing tenants.
  • Snagging Lists – this is carried out at the end of project to highlight any works still to be carried out, work to be completed and any defects.
  • Brief Inspections/Walk Through Survey – these are usually requested to assess if any structural alterations are viable and do not require full analysis of each room. This is brief and not as in depth as a building survey. These are usually requested by individuals wishing to change/move internal load bearing walls.
  • Dry and wet rot/ Mould/ Movement/ Cracking/ Damp/ Insect attack – we offer written reports and advice on these specific building dilemmas.

We are experience building project managers and can provide support for any building project that you wish to undertake.